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Other Policies

The policies below give more information about specific aspects of the running and organisation of our school.  We hope you find what you are looking for, but please get in touch using the contact details shown on our homepage if you have any questions.  Paper copies of all of these documents are available on request from our school office.

Admissions Policy

As a church aided primary school, admissions and offers of places follow the policies agreed by our school governors, in line with the 2012 Admissions Code.  These policies are published elsewhere on our website; please visit  If you have any questions about admissions, or would like to find out more, please get in touch using the details on the homepage.


Charging and Remissions Policy

At Northbourne CE (A) Primary School, we believe that all of our pupils should have an equal opportunity to benefit from school activities and visits (curricular and extra-curricular), independent of their parents’ financial means.  The Charging and Remissions Policy linked below describes how we do our best to ensure a good range of visits and activities is offered at the same time as trying to minimise financial barriers which may prevent some pupils taking full advantage of these opportunities.

Charging and Remissions Policy 2017


Complaints Policy

Through our programme of meetings between parents and teachers, as well as through informal contact and our ‘open door’ policy, we provide opportunities for parents to raise matters of concern – about the curriculum or general issues.  If a concern is not resolved through discussion with a teacher, the parent or the teacher can refer it to the headteacher.  Complaints from members of the public should be directly to the headteacher in line with the procedures outlined here.

Complaints Policy


Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policies 2017


Equality Policy and Plan

Equality Policy and Plan


This year’s curriculum (see also

We strive to provide a vibrant and forward-looking curriculum.  Teachers work from a long-term overview to ensure appropriate curriculum coverage, but alter this throughout the year based on childrens’ interests and areas for development.  As such, our curriculum plans below are a working document, and subject to change.

Long-term Curriculum Overview 16-17

Long-term Curriculum Map 16-17 Key Stage One

Long-term Curriculum Map 16-17 Lower Key Stage Two

Long-term Curriculum Map 16-17 Upper Key Stage Two


SEN Policy (see also

SEN Policy


Sex and Relationships Policy

SRE Policy



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